Hi Debs,
We are so glad we discovered your Puppy Love food for Wilson, he loves it as much as he loves his ball and that's alooooot! We never thought anything would come close to the ball love but we were wrong😁. The first 3 years of his life were a struggle, he was constantly in a red rash and itching and nothing seemed to help. With his diet now he rarely gets red and itchy and he is so much happier in himself. It's just as effective cost-wise to have your goodies sent to us in Invercargill than what we were paying for food that didn't help him. We love getting your packages, so does Wilson, and we can feel your love for our wee man which is so cool😎 thank you❤️
Josh, Mel & Wilson - Invercargill
Jett - happy and healthyJetts 3 month transformation photos after changing to a raw diet!!!
Christmas 2020 to March 2021. Thanks heaps to @puppylovequeenstown for getting our girl healthy again, and fixing all her spots, itching and scratching!!
the.tails.of.jett - Hanleys Farm
Hi Auntie Debs, Woof woof, my name is Jack and my little sister is Ruby, I'm typing this because Ruby is no good at typing and my mummy said we had to thank you for the amazing food that you sent us. Mummy says I am putting on weight and Ruby calls me fat bum so I have to eat better food. Mummy gave us a wee taste and oh boy it was yummy, I am quite particular about my food and I always get Ruby to taste it first incase it doesn't taste nice. Ruby tried to get my food this time but I shoved her out of the way with my big bottom, it comes in handy sometimes. Thank you very much from both of us, I think Mummy will get us some more of it which will be very cool.
Woof woof from Jack and Ruby - Cromwell
We have used Puppylove weekly for the last 3 years and love it! There was a noticeable difference in energy and our dog loves it so much we couldn't go back if we tried! Also very convenient getting it delivered to your door, we would recommend anyone to look into Puppylove. The research and results speak for themselves.
Anna, Lewis & Charlie - Arthurs Point
Hi Debs,
have just paid this weeks invoice - have put extra to say Merry Christmas! and thank you for all your help and support for us, and especially for Amber and Dudley. You've totally turned their lives around - they are now happy, healthy dogs and it's a joy to see the difference in them both. Have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Years too.
Vivienne and Andrew🤗 xxx - Arrowtown
As a dog owner who had a dog suffering form some bad health issues, we were advised by the owner of Puppy Love to change his diet. Within a couple of weeks on the raw diet my dog was recovering and has just got better and better. No more vet visits - healthy and active again!
Mark, Amanda & Jimmy Thunder - Auckland
Debs from PuppyLove Queenstown is the best lady to talk to if you're feeding your dog raw or thinking about it! Her menu is enormous and she's getting new bits all the time and the best thing is most of it is even human-grade and organic! I adore her and her dedication to educating people that want to think outside the square! Now you can also get my healing balm from her website!
Diana Scott @ Mates4Life - Cardrona Valley
Hi Debs, I just wanted to thank you so much for all of your guidance. My boys are thriving on their new diet. Murphy is a different dog. His appetite has returned and he now loves his food so much that he "helps" me in the kitchen at meal times. Three times in the last fortnight he has initiated play which is amazing as it's been absolutely months since he showed any interestin his toys or play. He is back to two walks per day and both dogs have lovely plush, glossy coats. It really has been a miraculous turn around in a very short space of time. I am incredibly grateful to you for being so generous with your time and knowledge. Thank goodness for your passion. Without it I hate to think where our family would be today❤️
Lisa, Murphy & Finn - Queenstown
You are the healthiest person I know Deb and so are my beautiful dogs thanks to your guidance!!!! Go PuppyLove - good for the dogs and the planet alike x

Emma McLean, Tui & Rosie - Auckland

 Hope all is well and you're keeping busy. Jake's been loving his food. We're so impressed and happy with the way his body has changed for the better since being on the raw - beautiful coat, great weight and... even his paw pads seem to be smooth and nowhere near as dry and cracked. But have to say most importantly his skin has cleared up on his chest... here's a wee before and after photo I thought you might like to see (excuse him sprawled out😂). I took photo 1 when he was on dry, processed food in February.. and photo 2 was in June approx a month or so after being on raw.
Photos don't really do justice to how much improvement there has been. I know he wasn't as bad a some dogs have it, but he was getting constant welts and scabs where we had to apply cream and salt wash all the time. Not fun for him or us... but we haven't had to deal with that for a couple of months now!😁👍
Rob, Olivia & Jake - Kingston

We would 100% recommend Puppylove❤️ our boy is soo much happier with his new diet (he's super excited at meal times now rather than not eating his biscuits) and it has sorted his tummy right out - something he'd been having issues with since he was a puppy! And having it delivered every week makes life so much easier, and knowing it's from sustainable, organic sources makes me feel happier too 🤓 you're awesome Deb thanks for all the help you've given us on this journey👍
Rachael, Ryan & Willow - Shotover Country
My Indies digestive system went upside down after we switched from kibble to raw. From having diarrhoea nearly every fortnight, it went to never having it since. She hasen't had a SINGLE health issue after we started feeding her Puppylove. She is also SOOO excited to eat every day now - with kibble she almost seemed depressed and sometimes wouldn't eat. Thanks for letting our dogs be dogs and providing proper and real food for them❤️
Linda & Indie - LHE
Since switching to Puppy Love last year it has been the best thing for Blue ever. Hes gone from an uncountable amount of vet visits a year for itchy ears, itchy paws, rashes and just being in the wars with his skin in general, on top of that he was on "special" kibble and had to take a daily tablet of apoquel which was costing us roughly $250 a month. Now I have lost count on how many vet visits Blue has had since switching as I can't actually remember the last time Blue had to go to the vets, he's ditched his "special" kibble and his apoquel and his coat is so shiny and smooth. He still gets the odd flare up itchy wise but it is much more manageable and you can see Blue is much happier to get a bowl of yum yum rather than a bowl of kibble and a tablet.

Jodie & Blue - Sunshine Bay

We rescued Benson 4 1/2 years ago... his coat was dull and he had the worst breath, he was starving and his 💩 was 🤮!! He now has a beautiful shiny soft coat, (his fav food is the salmon steaks) his breath his fresh! His poo is perfect and he's really happy and satisfied when fed. Deb is an amazing book of knowledge anything you need to know about nutrition for your dog she can and will help you. PuppyLove Queenstown is the only food for us!Thanks Deb😘🐶🖤 Merran, Dave & Benson - Arrowtown

We have fed our dog on a raw food diet since she was about one year old. I think it works well. We also give her fish (canned mackerel) and cooked veggies as well as tripe (from puppylove). We think of biscuits a bit like McDonalds so when we have other dog friends of hers stay and they eat biscuits Indy our dog gets to have some too. From what I have experienced the raw diet definitely keeps a shinier coat. She is happy and excited about her food. From what I understand it is best to do one or the other rather than both. This has to do with there digestive system and what it gets used to. Our dog loves a round of frozen meat in the summer as a treat too - like an ice block. was a great place to get raw food but also she is great to teach you about the plan for your dog and how to make it affordable.

Jessica, Tim & Indy - Arthurs Point

Debalina Rose You got me started with feeding real food a few years ago and I now feed all animals real food. The difference it made to my current doggie was nothing short of amazing. As an 18-month-old rescue she was an Ok weight and looked healthy enough, but within weeks of eating real food her coat changed and became softer and way shinier, she lost the dog breath and became leaner. I wouldn't eat processed food every day so why would I feed it to my dogs?!

Sara Leadbetter - Kingston


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